Friday, January 7, 2011

In Sickness and In Health


Ahhh, what a glorious thing.

I got back from a 2 week vacation to be welcomed home to a disgusting flu. Was this not exactly why my last post talked about wearing a SARS mask? Exactly.

I had a fever for 3 straight days, and have been lying in bed wasting away for the past 6 days with a deathly and racking cough. YAY! PARTY AT MY HOUSE!

I am under no delusions that I do not look like a homeless and dying rat at this point.

I really do feel bad for my poor husband.

For the past 6 days, he has been welcomed to the overwhelming stank of sickness mixed with greasy hair and overall grossness.

Now if he isn’t attracted to me at this point, I just cannot understand what is problem is!

Come on, people.

Dark circles? Greasy hair? Stank of 11 horses? The makings of a beauty queen.

I am really quite appealing.


I had some time to think in my sickened state.

My husband has been working so hard lately. He hasn’t been able to come home until around 7:30pm, or 8:00pm.

Now, my husband is a teacher. That means his school dismisses at 4:00pm and he has been working 12-13 hour days.

So why the late hours?

Well, afterschool he has graciously decided to tutor several of the students who are falling behind.

Why? Because he’s amazing. And also there’s a cash bonus…that always helps:O)

But also, the state’s annual testing of the kids is coming up soon too.

That means he has to prepare additional lesson plans to the ones he is already writing.

This makes for very long evenings, and a very tired husband.

As I have been sick, I have really been unable to put one foot in front of the other so even though he has had late evenings, I haven’t been much of a support.

As soon as my husband got home yesterday, he literally collapsed on the couch and didn’t move for hours.

So I decided to kick my own rear into gear. I got my freaking sick, coughing, stanky butt up and decided I was going to be a servant like Christ was.

I knew that Brandon wouldn’t cook anything because he’s too tired, so I whipped up a meal.

I may have coughed all over it, but at least he had something to eat!!

I encourage all of you to do the same. Do something servant-like for your spouse today.

It won’t necessarily be easy, but that is why it is called ‘service’.

Service requires you to leave ‘you’ out of the picture, and focus totally on someone else.

And so for me? I did that yesterday. I haven’t quite accomplished the same feats today…but here’s to hoping I will…

Yesterday, I took my vows seriously to love in sickness and in health.

Because who ever said that just because you were the sick one didn’t mean you didn’t have to continue to truly sacrificially love the other person?