Monday, July 19, 2010

Impatient, Hearing Impaired, and Down-Right Quirky

So, since this blog is new, I figured I would provide some info about myself for all those who don’t know me and happen to stumble upon this blog… (however, judging from my followers, all those who read my blog know me…but this is besides the point! What if someone wanders here? I need to make sure I am understood, people!)

Here is a list of 5 things you may or may not know about me:

1. I am extremely impatient. Like, to the point that if something doesn’t happen the exact second I want it to, I get all whiny and huffy. This is because the world should clearly revolve around me. I just can’t understand why it doesn’t!

2. I have impaired hearing. This occurred when I was younger because my older sister thought it was funny to scream in my ear. She claims this never happened. She is a bad liar.:) ANYWAY. My partial deafness has gotten so bad that it is hard for me to understand what in the world people are saying if I cannot read their lips when they are talking. This is especially apparent when I try to sing songs on the radio. Prime example: Just the other day, I was sitting in the car singing my heart out “Sha-ma-la-ma-ding-dong-Sha-ma-la-ma-ding-dong!” Do you know what the ACTUAL lyrics were? “Said you’d never leave me lonely, never leave me lonely!” That’s soooo close to sha-ma-la-ma-ding-dong, don’t you think? I thought so too. My husband informed me otherwise.

3. I have two dogs who I love a lot. Like, I think they’re my children. I would probably be one of those ladies who just surrounds herself with zillions of dogs if I wasn’t concerned about what people thought about me. I’m sooo not even kidding. I am a CREEEEEEPSTTTERRRRR….I know.

4. I have a nail-biting-compulsion-problem. I bite them so low my hands look like mutated elf hands that got sent through a meat grinder. Hideous, right? So, you might be asking yourself, why don’t you just quit? I CAN’T! I have tried for years and I will quit for a little bit, and then start again. My name is Elizabeth, and I am a nail-biter. For life.

5. I LOVE discounts! You may have gotten wind of this from my last post. However, I flat out refuse to pay full price for just about everything. This can lead to some great negotiations, or some embarrassing visits to stores. However, my thought is: Why in the world would I pay full price, when I know they are giving people discounts?

Well, hopefully these wonderfully insightful 5 random facts about me have convinced you that you should continue to read my blog, because there will be other really exciting(or dreadfully boring, depending on your perspective) things to come (I hope).

Until next time,



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