Sunday, July 25, 2010

X and Y

So, 2 weeks ago my college roommate was in town. We went out to eat and caught up on good times.

While talking over breakfast, she shared some hilarious things with me that just made me think about how different men and women really are.

Case in point:

Her husband is finishing up graduate school. Although up until this point I believe his curriculum has been rather strenuous, this semester has been much easier.

Meanwhile, my roommate recently started a new job as an occupational therapist.

Since she is working and therefore gone from the house more than she was before, she has allowed her husband to take over some of the menial household tasks.

Like grocery shopping.

So apparently she has been making shopping lists for him, EXPLAINING them before he leaves, and then allowing him to go shopping.

Still, things don’t always go as planned.

Once, she said she sent him to the store to buy ingredients for Rice Krispy Treats.

He came back with the Rice Krispies.

He came back with the butter.

And he came back with the marshmallows. Multi-colored ones. Which are all types of brilliant with their artificial fruit-flavors.

Incredulously, she says to him: “Why in the world did you buy fruit-flavored marshmallows when you knew I was making Rice Krispy Treats? You have to know that when these are melted? They will turn poop-colored brown. And will be disgusting when all the ‘fruit-flavors’ combine.’”

His response?

“Why would you NOT want to buy the fruit-flavored ones? They are the BEST! AND! The best part is that they cost the EXACT SAME as the other ones! Best find of the day!!!”


Among other purchases that day?

Frosted Mini-Wheats.

My roommate? Says she had been eating Mini-Wheats for the past 2 months and the thought of them made her want to barf.

His explanation when he bought them was as follows:

“I bought you Frosted Mini-Wheats, babe! I know how much you love them!”

Her response?


And this, my friends, is a wonderful example of the difference between the X and Y chromosomes.


  1. HAHA You said it perfectly. BUT you did forget the Plantain Banana part, too! lol

  2. Oh man! I forgot about the plantain banana! You need to post that part here in a comment so people can read it!