Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ya'll. I have been missing for about 50 billion years from this blog. I kindaaaaa forgot I even had a blog. FAIL. However, this is so typical of me. Again, you are reading a blog called "permanently at lunch" so you can't be toooooo surprised, amirite? :) Anyway. Sometimes this world seems so freaking crazy. People have QUESTIONS. What type of questions? Well, things like “Was he just a good man?” “Or was he God?” “Was he a lunatic?” HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW????!!!!!! We are talking about Jesus, of course. There is little question that he actually lived. But miracles? Rising from the dead? Some of the stories you might hear about him sound just like that—stories. You might say to yourself, a reasonable person would never believe them, let alone the claim that he’s the only way to God. BUT, a reasonable person would also make SURE that he/she understood the facts before jumping to conclusions. If you truly value your mind—if you truly value facts—if you truly want to evaluate the information, then please watch this series I am doing. And since you know I am goofy as crap and you know me personally, I pray you will just give it a quick watch. No shaming. Just literally talking to you. With all my weird quirkiness and eccentricities hanging out for all to see. I am presenting information from Lee Strobel, a Yale Law School Educated, award-winning investigative journalist at Chicago Tribune who decided to dig up information about Jesus and his life. He began the journey as a hardened skeptic and atheist. But how does he end up after studying the facts? Was he able to find any real evidence for Jesus’ existence and/or God-hood? Don’t you owe it to yourself to actually find out the truth? By the end of his TWO-freaking-YEAR investigation, he personally concludes that it would actually require much more faith for an atheist to maintain atheism than it would to trust in Jesus. I believe he is right, especially after studying the facts. What will you conclude? Lets hang out (online, of course, as you all know I am up to my ears in kids at this point, so if we did it in real life, lots of screaming and poop would happen [by the kids, of course. Unless you plan on screaming and getting poopy. I hope not.]) Strobel interviewed thirteen leading scholars and authorities, asking the tough questions about Jesus and the biblical narrative of his life. Let’s find out what he discovered along the way… (Note: This is a SERIES…so you gotta be patient, peeps, while I make each video. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Especially not with little people hanging on their legs all day. :) The video I have linked today is my 1st video which addresses if Jesus himself thought he was God, or if others made that up about him. I have also already completed an intro video and a subsequent video which addresses the following: Was Jesus Just A Moral Man? How Do We Know? Was he Just A Good Teacher? God? Check out today;s video here: