Friday, July 30, 2010

Butt Rashes

So, a few weeks back my husband noticed I was really stressed out. (Major shocker. I am ALWAYS stressed out being in graduate school. Boo.) Therefore, he was so sweet and bought me a book to read since he knew that de-stresses me.

Best part ever is that it wasn’t just ANY book. It was a romance novel. Annnddd if you know me? You know I LOVE romance novels.

(Don’t worry people…no Harlequin novels here. Only clean romance novels. I don’t want to read about people doin’ the nasty…)

Anyway. Back to my point.

So the last few days I’ve been reading this book, all the while oohing and awwwing when the two main characters kissed or confessed their undying love for one another.

Of course there was a hot guy, riding off into the sunset with his new love.

Amazing, right?

However, this romance novel really got me thinking.

How many women read these novels and end up dissatisfied with what they have?

I think whoever these authors are, are trying to brainwash us! They convince you that romance is all perfect and amazing every single day! Not only will your prince charming come in on a horse, but you will ride off into the sunset and he will be ideal ALL of the time.

And people? This is just not realistic. Let me tell you. My husband can be outright annoying. Like, sometimes I want to punch him. A lot of punching would be going on if I believed in violence. :)

But here’s the thing…

Little ol innocent me? Can sometimes also be really annoying. To the point that he should punch me in the face. Multiple times.

And guess what? I still love what I have way more than what they depict in those romance novels.

I think the faults that exist in a relationship are what make it beautiful. Sticking with someone and even sometimes finding their faults endearing (because it makes them who they are) can make a relationship a wonderful thing.

Plus, if you really think about it….that cowboy? Probably smells like poop. Horse poop. And the people riding off on the horse into the sunset? Probably got butt rashes from riding on the horse.

Just sayin.


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