Friday, July 16, 2010

A Little Healthy Competition

Ok, so I just started this blog yesterday, right?

So I’m all giddy and happy and bragging to Brandon about how funny I am and how excited I am about my blog.

And he says?

“I could soooo write a better blog than you.”

EXCUSE ME? Did he just say what I think he said?

I am completely rational (read: extremely competitive) and therefore calmly explained that although I was sure he had wonderful thoughts, mine were a bit more superb (read: I yelled: “Oh it’s ON baby. You are SOOO going to lose this competition.”)

Therefore, even as I write this entry, my husband is sitting across the room.

Starting his own blog.

What the c.r.a.p.??

He is so going down.

So let me explain the competition:

A month from today, August 16th, 2010, we will compare. What will we compare? FOLLOWERS!

Therefore, if you are reading this right now, you need to follow me!

(Especially because he is currently making fun of the fact that I only have three followers.)

PLEASE help me prove to my husband that I am the best blogger ever!

Because if not? I might not be friends with you anymore (read: I will hunt you down.)

Your angry, loser, didn’t-win-a-competition-with-my-husband, friend.


  1. Oh Foofie. You starting a blog is the best idea ever. :) Can't wait to read your hilarious random thoughts... and more of Brandon's reactions to your random thoughts. :) You guys are a pair. Don't worry, I won't follow his blog just yet. :)

  2. So I am following you, which = you need to follow me. Deal?

    Nice blog. But your background looks like bloodstains.

  3. I will so follow you! I already tried, but didn't see a place to do it...duh!

    Plus, my background does not look like bloodstains! It looks like watercolors, which is calming...:)