Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Never-Ending Birth Process

Although I’ve never had a baby, I imagine getting a masters is a lot like going into labor.

Long, intensive, awful labor.

Like, the type that you hear about and cringe. You know what I’m talking about. The 36 hour, sweat-inducing, back-breaking, I’m-going-to-die-if-this-baby-doesn’t-come-out-of-me labor.

Which is just all types of awesomeness.


So why would I compare my masters to this?

Well let me just give you a taste of what my schedule for the last two semesters have been, and maybe you will understand.


9am-2pm Work at my practicum (aka a full time job you don’t get paid a lick for---awesome!)

2pm-1000pm Work at my real job

1000pm-2:00 am Spend time with my husband and do homework


9am-430pm Go to school. Wait for my brain to explode.

430pm-930pm Work at my real job

930pm-200am Do homework and spend time with husband again


9am-3pm Work at my non-paying practicum again!

3pm-6pm clean house, cook dinner

6pm-12000 am spend time with husband…and you guessed it! MORE HOMEWORK!


9am-430pm Go to school. Pray I don’t die.

430pm-1000 pm Work at my real job

1000pm-200am Try to do homework and spend time with husband. Most likely, I am falling asleep at this point.


9am-5pm Work at the practicum where they use me shamelessly for free labor.

5pm-?? The first time all week I actually focus on my husband since I refuse to do homework on weekends


-do chores that are undone
-go to church
-try to spend time with friends and family, although the thought of doing ANYTHING is exhausting. Sigh.


So basically, in case you didn’t catch it, I am gone from 9am until 1000 pm every night. AKA a 13 work hour day. Every day. And go to bed around 2 am each morning. Awesome, right?

This is an example of my weekly labor process. The problem is? Unlike real childbirth, the labor never stops. Ever.

Hmmm…I might just die before I get this masters.

If I do die, you can sue Indiana University. Just tell them it’s all their fault. I’m sure you’ll win. It’s simple like that.


  1. Hmmm I think you are slightly confused here... this is more like having a newborn than labor. Just preparing you for the parts of having kids people don't talk about. Ha! Labor isn't fun but its a one time process that yields an absolutely beautiful child... then the real work begins (or the long days and no sleep you have already grown accustomed to) :) When will you be done with the program?

  2. true! So maybe this is the never ending newborn stages. But then again, there is at least a cute baby to stare at when you have a newborn. The cutest thing I get to stare at are some textbooks. Real cute, right?

    Anyway, I am done in May...9 more months to go.