Thursday, August 5, 2010

I got that Green Green

So, just the other day, I found out a shocking fact.

SHOCKING, people.

Like, I couldn’t believe my eyeballs.

So I bet you are dying to know what I found out.

Or, you really couldn’t give a crap and are only reading my blog out of sheer boredom.

I’m cool with that too.


I’m more positive that you are dying to find out.

This is what I found out: People out there in the blogging world are making d-i-n-e-r-o off of their blog!

For all of you non-Spanish speakers, that means people are making cheese, bread, dough, moo-lah, stacks, paper, a.k.a. MONEY.

When I found this out, I freaked the freak out!

WHAT??????? People are making MONEY just by WRITING?

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? And how in the world can I become one of them?

Then I found out: you have to advertise. Either by allowing Google to randomly put ads on your blog, or by recruiting businesses to advertise with you.


How in the world am I going to do that?

I still have no clue. I am all types of moronic when it comes to technology. The fact that I can even figure out how to type on this thing every week is a miracle within itself.

But people? You should not be shocked when you start to see ads pop up. I WILL figure this out and I will become RICH! With all 18 followers of mine.

I am SURE that my riches are going to abound.

Just you wait and see…

(P.S. As I was typing this blog and asking Brandon for other words for 'money', he gives a few and then mentions: "The Green Green." I am about to write that, and then he says: "Oh wait, I think that means weed."

Maybe I should start selling weed for money. I am sure that will be more profitable than writing a blog. I'm really going places, people.)


  1. Selling the Green-Green?

    I believe would be about a bazillion more times profitable than blogging.

    I know I would buy some.


  2. Haha, no joke!

    You know, that whole I-could-get-arrested thing might deter me though...

  3. love how into this you are getting! i'm far from making any moolah off my blog, but i do enjoy tracking my hits and such. i use and it works pretty well. it's a lot more accurate than just seeing how many followers you have; i bet you'll be surprised at all the people who visit your blog!

  4. @ jess-- Yep,I've so got the statcounter...i love it! However, I could easily get obsessed, so I have to monitor the amount I check it:)