Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Erratic Brain

Thank you all for putting up with my ranting yesterday. I really needed to get that out!

And in an update? When our faux child got home last night? We had a GREAT conversation. He agreed to the consequences that we were going to give him, and today when he left? He left a note where he was going.

Praise the Lord!

Anyway. Because I was busy being angry yesterday, I totally missed the fact that yesterday? Was the end of my competition with my husband. (Want to read about the competition? Click
here )

Technically, my husband conceded before the competition was even over, but here he is to officially concede. And for your reading pleasure, he felt the need to share with all of my readers how erratic my brain really is if you were going to follow me instead of him!:)


I've come to grips with my 8 followers compared to my wife's 23. So I figure if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
But before you start reading her blog, maybe you should know how erratic she really is. Here are a few random quotes and scenarios that I've captured in the past week. Enjoy.

"Do you think it's possible to have one armpit smell worse than the other? Because I'm pretty sure my right armpit smells worse than my left."

"The little 12 year old girls watching America’s Got Talent will vote for the little 12 year old singer because I? Was 12 once."

"This one time at camp I had this crush on a camp counselor. I was 13 and he was 21. I thought he was going to wait for me."

"Eric, from CSI is hot. Don't you think so, honey?"

"This dog is so fat I can barely pick her up. Do you think she looks anorexic?"

"I'm probably going to have to wear a diaper when I'm pregnant. Because I have a really small bladder. And sometimes I pee a little bit already. Just imagine when I'm pregnant."

"Will you smell my armpit? I'm pretty sure it stinks"

"That dog farted and again and it smells like fish. Will you wash that dog's butt?"
Sometimes she talks in her sleep.. and this is what I wake up to.



"OOOOOOOUUUUUUCCCCCHHHH MY EYE!!" (that was me screaming when she punched me in the eye while she was asleep. Funny thing is... she didn't even wake up)

And this one is my all time favorite.

Elizabeth: Will you still love me even if I get to be 300 pounds?
Me: Yes
Elizabeth: What if I only had one arm and one leg?
Me: Yes
Elizabeth: Ooh I have a better idea. What if there was only half of me. So I only had one arm, one leg, half of a face,half of a body, AND I weighed 300 pounds. Then what?
Me: (no comment)

So now that you know a lot more about the true Elizabeth do you want to read her blog? ....

Probably ... this game sucks.

-Dirty Lenses

Don't believe anything he says! None of this is true! (Read: all of this is true, but I dont want to admit it...)


  1. "Do you think it's possible to have one armpit smell worse than the other? Because I'm pretty sure my right armpit smells worse than my left." I'm laughing so hard, I swear I'm going to die!

  2. Haha...its TRUE! The right smells sooo much worse!

    I smell the left---no odor!

    I smell the right---smells like an elephant crawled in my armpit and died.

    P.S. Your crazy website won't let me post comments on your posts anymore. Is anyone else having this problem???

  3. These crack me up! Love the armpit comment. I swear I have the same random diarrhea of the mouth problem. The hubby is always giving me the weirdest looks, but as he says, at least it keeps daily life interesting.

  4. That's what we're good for, right? Keeping life interesting???:) That's why our husbands married us!

  5. hahahaha i just laughed out loud at the computer so hard. i think my mom was too scared to inquire about what! you guys are hilarious haha. Oh my word. i am definitely following you girl. You have an amazing joy and sense of humor. HOw long have ya'll been married for?? I'm glad to have a new christian womans blog to follow who has so much joy to share with the world..

  6. @ SavedThruLove--

    Haha...I'm glad you didn't have to try to explain to your mom what you were laughing about. I'm a bit hard to explain.

    Thanks for following! i LOVE new followers...

    Oh, and Brandon and I have been married for 3 years (in fact our anniversary is next week!), and yes we do have a lot of joy!