Thursday, October 14, 2010

You Know You're Exhausted When...

Welcome, my friends.

To what, you might ask?

To my own little game.

Its called: “You Know Youre Exhausted When…”

Its great fun.

Here it goes:

“You Know You’re Exhausted When…”

10. Your eyeballs close involuntarily and you fall asleep while you are supposed to be talking face to face with someone.

9. You totally blank on your schedule and show up unannounced at an appointment that you never had in the first place.

8. You can’t remember one single thing you did the previous day. Heck, you can remember one single thing you did the previous HOUR.

7. You forget to put on underwear and walk out of the house feeling a little…breezy…

6. You plead and beg to have your husband carry you everywhere just so you won’t have to make the effort of getting up and walking. Example: “Brandon, can you PLEASE just carry me to the shower and dump me there?? You can turn on the water and eventually I might actually stand up.”

5. You put your hairbrush inside the refrigerator and then are convinced someone stole it. You find it later after you give up searching. It was next to the milk. Delicious.

4. You can’t wake up to your alarm. Despite the fact that you have TWO alarms set. And they are blaring in your ear. You still don’t wake up.

3. You have had the same ‘To Do’ list for the past month. Hmmm…I guess that list wasn’t so important afterall.

2. You drive the totally wrong direction to work. And don’t realize it until ½ hour later when you are in the completely wrong destination. You are obviously late for work.

And finally….

The ultimate way that KNOW that you are exhausted is when….

1. You seriously consider wearing a Depends diaper while you do homework just so you can avoid having to make the effort of getting up off the couch to go to the bathroom.

I have reached a new ‘low’ people.

For real.