Monday, October 11, 2010

Manna Monday

Yesterday, I went on a car trip with the dogs and my husband to the grocery store.

And I watched my dogs.

I watched how extremely excited they got to jump in the car.

And every person we passed, they were exceptionally interested in.

And every new smell in the air, they were fascinated by.

These things really got me thinking.

These animals really can reveal a lot about how we should live.

I know, weird, right? But stick with me.

They seem to take such joy in such mundane activities.

When we come home from work, they are the happiest ever. They live in the moment and just enjoy that their masters are home to see them.

Each time they eat, they seem to savor every bite and enjoy it.

When they play, they do it with such reckless abandon, just having the best time of their lives.

And when they love, they love unconditionally, no matter if you’ve hurt them before or not.

These dogs really reveal a lot of how I believe we should live.

Taking joy in every single daily situation, just being grateful to the Lord for giving us another breath in our lungs.

Everything is so uncomplicated with dogs.

They just live life.

Why can’t I do same?

Even if life can be difficult, does that mean it can’t be enjoyed??

Afterall, was it not James who urged us all to consider it PURE JOY when we faced trials? Because we know that the trials are testing our faith and refining us.

When is the last time I considered a trial a pure joy?


(crickets chirp)

And when is the last time I just did something with reckless abandon and enjoyed myself fully?

I’m not even sure because I get so caught up in daily life or what other people would THINK (I mean, good gracious, what if someone thought I was weird or radical!?! That would surely be the end of the world, right?)…

What would it be like if I loved (truly) unconditionally? Even if someone hurts me multiple times, loving them.

And not loving them with just an ‘I love you feeling’, but loving them by sacrificing for them.

Back to the dog analogy, think about when you are sad.

Does your dog not come over, leave their own carefree life, just to come comfort you?

They don’t think twice about it.

They simply feel that you are in pain, and come to comfort you with a lack of consideration that they are leaving their happy oblivion to enter into your situation.

What if when we saw people’s pain, we acted? We didn’t pretend like we don’t know or don’t care, but came to comfort them and bring them the joy of Christ?

I really truly think we would transform the image of Christianity if we started to love like those who are innocent do (such as animals and children).

I think this is what Christ was getting at anyway when he said in Matthew 18:3 that “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Obviously we don’t need to actually BECOME children, but become innocent and filled with faith like children.

So much can be revealed if we would just take the time to observe how those untainted by ‘adult experiences’ live.

And then choose to take on their perspective…

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