Monday, October 11, 2010

Yes, You are Beautiful

I have a beef to pick.

Not only with women, but with celebrities.

I was listening to the Bruno Mars song the other day Just the Way You Are.(Haven't heard it? Go listen, then come back.)

I really love this song because Bruno talks about how much he thinks the girl he is love with is so great.

He talks about how perfect he thinks she is and how she never believes him when he tells her.

Well, I would be lying if I didn’t have times where I didn’t believe my husband when he said he thought I was beautiful or an amazing woman.

And do you know why?

Because women are petty and Hollywood makes us all feel half-crazy about ourselves.

Let’s start with the women are petty comment.

I feel like you can walk into almost any circle of women, and what is the first thing that happens?

You are judged.

You are judged by your makeup, your clothing, your hair, your body, your style, your flaws, your perfections, etc.

It’s a rough time.

If you are amazingly beautiful, immediately women are jealous and start to pick you apart. They look for any small imperfection so that they can feel better about themselves.

If you are not so physically beautiful, you are also judged. Other women feel better about themselves because they look better than you in x, y, z areas.

You can’t win!!

And don’t lie, women.

We have all done it.

Which is where my beef with Hollywood comes in.

I often have thought that the reason why we are so petty is because we are held to impossible standards.

We are expected to look like airbrushed celebrities who are not only anorexic-looking (blech), but who are always made up by professionals who literally spend HOURS at a time just on their face or their hair.


I’m sure I’d look fantastic if I had someone spending hours on my appearance too.

But honestly, things aren’t going to change unless we change them.

If the men in our lives can see us as beautiful creatures, why can’t we look at one another with less judgmental stares so that no one has to feel bad about themselves??

Afterall, we were all created by God to be beautiful and our individual traits are what make us unique!

I think we all need to take a good look inside ourselves to see what it is that makes us judge other women so harshly in our brains anyway.

Something is broken inside if we cannot feel confident in ourselves without putting someone else down.

And then, once we figure that out and work on that, we need to make a conscious effort to compliment women on how great they look in x, y, z area.

Because by complimenting them, maybe they will do the same for us.

And maybe we can all stop walking around being self-conscious freaks who are all jealous of one another, and instead be supportive of all of our own uniqueness.

And also?

Beauty is much more pronounced when it comes from the inside anyway.