Sunday, August 8, 2010

Google knows me!



So, today I was reading some other people’s blogs, and I noticed a common theme: Many of them kept talking about blogher.

Since I am new to the blogging community, I was totally confounded as to what in the freak all these people were referring to.

So many of my fellow bloggers were saying that they went to Blogher’10 and WOO HOO, it was going to be amazing.

Well, crap.

I needed to find out what this was.

Apparently, it’s some conference where all the women bloggers of the world go to learn about how to blog.

Well, I certainly could’ve benefited from THAT conference considering I am like a complete imbecile when it comes to blogging.

Basically, in case you haven’t figured this out yet, what you get on this blog is just some diarrhea of the mouth. Anything that I think gets exploded onto the page. Nice thought, huh?

Lucky for you.

Anyway. Back to my point.

This Blogher conference apparently gives some good pointers, right?

So I was reading one of the live updates of the conference on their website, and they mentioned that people search on Google to find blogs.

My interest was piqued.

So what did I do?

Googled myself.

AND GOOD NEWS! I was on the list of search links when you type in ‘Permanently at Lunch.’

My link of course was preceded by an article titled: “Are your employees permanently at lunch?” and some news about Pennsylvania approving school lunches permanently.

But people? I WAS THIRD!

Never have I been more proud.

Now, I’m not so sure anyone in the world will ever google the phrase “Permanently at Lunch”, but if they do? I am SOOOO going to pop right up!

YES! My dreams of becoming rich off this blog are coming true.

Now if I could only figure out HOW to make people google that phrase….


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