Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm Still Here


I promise, I'm not dead.

I know I missed Manna Monday, but next week I should be back on track.

But....This last week has been a transition period for me.

These next 9 months are my last before I am completely done with my masters. However, this is the beginning of this particular semester. And as all of you know, the start of a new semester is always hectic and annoying.

SO....if you promise to stick it out with me, I know that soon I will have amazing stories for you again!

In the mean time?

I figured I would just leave you with some pics of my dogs because they are cute and in the midst of the stress? They make me happy with their stress-free lives.

Just all wags and kisses and playing.

They definitely remind me to not take life too seriously!

So here they are in all of their glory:

Nala (our puppy) acting like she is a big baby.

Nala also thinks she is a human and therefore sits on the couch like a child.
Nala's favorite past time is sleeping. On her pillow. All. Day. Long. She is extremely lazy.
Nala's other favorite pasttime is eating. Eating what? Anything. She's not picky. It could be dirt, food, hair, garbage, it is all great. Apparently? I am missing out on the greatness of these fine delicacies.

Here is Nariz as a puppy. Even then, we could tell she would be extremely ornery.

Here she is all grown up. That stuff on the floor? Yea. Her doing. Also? Those teeth you see are permanently sticking out because she has the worst underbite ever. Therefore, she always looks like she is snarling at you.

Although this pic is blurry, it accurately depicts her attitude: Lounging because she thinks she is queen. Of the world.

Nariz's favorite thing in the world is a tennis ball. She will play until she drops dead. Here she is looking like she's on drugs holding her tennis ball. Oh the entertainment she brings to us.

Well, those are the dogs. I promise I will write again soon!!