Monday, August 23, 2010

Manna Monday

Welcome to another installment of Manna Monday...

When you think ‘servanthood’, what comes to mind?

For some, you might conjure up images of slaves, either past or present.

For others, you may think of being humble and putting others above yourself.

Of course, the type I want to talk about today is the latter.

Why am I focused on servanthood? Well, in short, my husband.

Now, I just have to take this moment to brag about my husband.

Within the last week, this is what he has done for me:

Scenario 1: I was exhausted from school and just feeling overwhelmed. I casually mentioned that I was too tired right then, but would cook later. He didn’t hesitate. He asked: “What would you like me to cook for dinner?”

Scenario 2: I had an urge to get a Panera piece of bread. I mention this offhandedly. Next thing I know, he is on his way to Panera with a piece of their bread just for me. When the first store didn’t have the bread? He went to another one.

Scenario 3: I complained that my back was sore from working out.

He massaged my neck and back as I peacefully fell asleep and felt all the stress of the day melt away.

So besides the fact that my husband is, why do I share this story?

Because he is an example of what I would like to be.

He is constantly amazing me in the ways in which he puts the needs of others above his own. In fact, this seems to be second nature to him.

Do I think this is because of coincidence?


Rather, I honestly believe it’s because he has chosen to make his relationship with Christ such that He is his best friend. From this? Flows a desire to care more about others than himself.

He purposefully chooses each day to become more and more humble, rarely demanding his own needs or rights.


He is a great example of a leader of our home and the way I wish to be.

Christ himself washed every single one of his disciples feet as an act of service.

Now, keep in mind that the disciples walking on dirt roads that probably were filled with horse feces (as their mode of transportation), while wearing open-toed sandals. AKA the disciples feet were disgusting.

And GOD Himself. Jesus Christ. Chose to humble himself. Instead of walking in the room and declaring : “I am God. Worship me”, he bent down low and took on the job of a servant.

Did he have every RIGHT to proclaim his Godhood and ask people to worship Him? Yes. But in that moment, did he?

Am I willing to take on the most disgusting role, or unpleasant role, just to serve someone?

Or a harder question, even when its not a huge sacrifice, am I willing to serve??

Think about it…


  1. I am so glad I found this blog! You sound so similar to me. I scrolled down and looked at some of your previous posts and saw that you are in social work. I'm a therapist! And your husband sounds very similar to mine. It seems like servanthood comes so easily to him, while I have to really focus on finding ways to serve others.
    Good post! :)

  2. @ MKS-

    Haha...we are living the same life! Same husband, same profession:)