Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Edward VS. Jacob

Recently, I became overwhelmed with school.

Ok, Ok. I know! You’re thinking: “Recently? Haven’t you always been overwhelmed with school?” Touche, Touche.


On the days where I just can’t handle one more freaking paper or one more chapter of a textbook to read, I look for distractions.

Lately those distractions have come in the form of reading books for fun.

I know, I make no sense.

Brandon cannot understand why I would escape reading by reading.

But people! It makes sense!

When you read for pleasure, the book is exciting. You are getting to escape to another world and live somewhere else for a bit where masters-level homework and deadlines aren’t breathing down your neck.


I choose simple, easy to read books.

Which is what lead me to Twilight.

Please, people. No judging.

I recognize Twilight series is a teen-series.

I also realize that it is completely ridiculous and filled with vampires and werewolves, and blah blah blah.

I get it.

I also think it is all jibberish.

But did I read the whole series with ferocity?

Sure did.

Again, no judging.

But the whole time I was reading the books, I was getting SO irritated at stupid Bella.

I mean, can someone PLEASE explain this to me?

Why in the world does she choose Edward?

Lets make the comparisons and you tell me who YOU would decide.


1.Pale/deathly white
3. Is thin and weird looking
4.Is a vampire who thinks about sucking your blood
5. Has a desire to suck other peoples blood
6. Can’t have normal children with
7. Bella is serious all the time with him


1. Bronzed (As he is Native American)
2. Warm-blooded (he at least is half human)
3. Is extremely buff
4. Has no desire to suck your blood
5. Protects people from vampires (and therefore has no desire to suck other people’s blood either)
6. Could have a normal family with if you married him
7. Brings out Bella’s goofy side (who wants to be serious all the time?

I mean really, people. I see no comparison. I am creeped out by Bella’s strange obsession for being with a vampire.

Especially when Jacob is so much cooler.

If you aren’t convinced, maybe you should be shown proof:

Creepy, Sparkly Vampire Edward (above)

Non-Creepy, Non-Sparkly, Non-Vampire Jacob
(photo taken from www.digitalcitizen.ca)

If I was the author? That would’ve been who she would’ve ended up with.

But again…if I was the author? I wouldn’t have written a whole series about vampires either.

So I would ask you to join "Team Jacob" with me, but quite honestly? I don't really give a crap. The books were just 'alright'.

But....Will I still watch the rest of the movies? Yep.

It's some weird thing of mine. Once I start something, I have to finish it. Even if I don't like it. I have a problem.