Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pump Up The Volume!

I am a naturally loud person.

Anyone who has ever known me has known that I am loud.

Now, yes. Maybe some of this has to do with the fact that I am partially deaf.

Maybe I can’t hear myself being loud.

But also?

I enjoy being loud. I feel like I alone can bring the PARRR---TAYYY with me wherever I go.

And other times?

It’s just awkward.

My husband likes to remind me of this when we are in stores.

I will be all chatty and talking loudly like: “Brandon, don’t you think that woman’s hair is an odd shade of blonde?”

He walks away like he doesn’t know me.

I wish I was joking.

He really does walk away and pretend like he doesn’t know me.

So rude, people. So rude.

If the man could turn 10 shades of red? He would. Luckily for him, his skin color hides his embarrassment so he really can pretend like he has no clue.

But besides my husband’s reactions to me being loud, I also have become increasingly aware of my ‘loud issues’ because of the people I nanny for.

Remember J?

Well, he is a VERY rambunctious little boy, to the chagrin of his parents.

He and I are two peas in a pod.

I seriously LOVE getting him all riled up because it is fun for the both of us and helps him get his energy out. Plus, when I need him to calm down to do homework, I can easily accomplish that goal (or else I probably wouldn’t do it…I’m not dumb people! I don’t want to make my job harder than necessary!!)

The problem being that his parents like a very quiet house.

As soon as they walk in, I try to calm him down and remind him to use his ‘indoor voice.’

However, at that point I have often riled him up enough that he can’t calm himself down, so his parents walk in the door, and the majority of the time their first words to him are “shhh” or “J! Use your indoor voice!!!”


I’m only cognizant about half of the time that I have even contributed to his ‘loud issues’ because I am so naturally loud myself.

I sometimes laugh to myself when I imagine his immediate family sitting together at the end of the day vs. when my mom, sister and I get together.

At my house? A lot of talking over one another, a lot of joking and making fun of one another. Which of course gets loud, especially when stories start being told about one another.

So see people, I can’t be totally blamed for my lack of volume control.

So I guess I will continue to make J into a loud child and embarrass the crap out of Brandon.

Ahhhh…how sweet life is.

My very very loud, sweet life.