Saturday, October 2, 2010

Brain Fart

Sometimes, I am just brain dead.

The idea will cross my mind that I should probably write a blog post, but then? I realize I have absolutely no inspiration.

Why? Because all of my brain cells have been used up. There is no creativity. There is nothing but emptiness.

I am always baffled/amazed/disgusted/amazed again at people who post every. single. day. on their blog.

Where do these people come up with these things?

I started a blog because I have had all these wonderful, glorious, amazing thoughts I wanted to write down.

But now that I have this blog? Total brain fart.

I feel like brain farts are equitable to dog farts.

Often times you’ll just be sitting around living your life, and then BAM, they just sneak up on you. All creepily and stinkily.

Therefore, here I am. With my young blog. And nothing to say. Just a dog-brain fart.

I am extremely cool (read: extra lame), just currently out of thoughts.

Hmmmm…. (twiddle my thumbs…bite my nails…get exasperated…)

I guess you’ll just have to check in again later for something that will blow your socks off with all of my wisdom and amazingness.

I hope.